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Robotic Programming for the 
Thermal Spray Industry
Robotic Synergy ® 6806 Stoneheath Ln, Port Orange, FL 32128
Quality, Personalized Service for your unique needs
We provide a variety of services including:
Basic Programming

  • Practice all areas of safety as it pertains to the robot system
  • Perform basic programming techniques
  • Create and properly use tool center points
  • Use numerical data instructions
  • Use instructions to enhance robot and program performance
  • Define and use basic work objects
  • Use of basic offset function

Advanced Programming

  • Practice all areas of safety as it pertains to the robot system
  • Use of work objects
  • Create and use complex tool center points
  • Use of offset function
  • Using modules
  • Error handling and trap routines
  • Use of data types
  • Programming external axis’
  • Create group inputs and outputs
  • Use instructions to enhance robot and system performance
"The way you organized the course with the emphasis on Thermal Plasma Spray applications made our time spent on training most efficient." -Matt Kowalewki Operations/Engineer _____________________ "Frank’s knowledge of both thermal spray and robotics make him a great asset for any thermal spray operation. He assisted us with installing our robot and provided in-depth training on safe operation and programming. After struggling to program a certain part effectively, I called Frank for some help. A short training session later we had written a new program and had the parts in production. The efficiency gained after just one day of production more than covered the expense of the training." - Chris Murphy Systems Manager
June 14, 2017 - We are pleased to announce that ELAINE MOTYKA has joined us as our Chief Metallurgist! 

Please CLICK HERE for a recent testimonial to her great work!